Honeywell, DANX and AlgoPlanner cooperate to improve the performance of drivers’ personal computers.

Being one of the leading suppliers in the market for professional mobile devices, we are committed to meeting the demands of the transport distribution industry. The AlgoPlanner solution has pushed the advanced capabilities of our existing devices with their extensive use of GPS, scanner and application execution outside the WiFi environment.

In cooperation with the AlgoPlanner team and their clients, we have engaged in a further improvement of our existing PDA technology for this purpose. This cooperation has helped us accumulate even further knowledge of this complex industry and this on-going project has made valuable contribution in our efforts to continue to build world class devices.

Nick Overson – Solution Architect Manager NEU

Our ability to serve our customers demand a high rate of flexibility, and at the same time a high level of data quality. Like more and more other distribution companies, we rely upon external chauffeurs. We need a strict control of what they do, where they have been and when. How far they have driven, how long they have taken, how much time and space they have left and much more. We have pushed as much functionality as we could out to the PDA, in order to have as high a data quality as possible.

This has obviously challenged the PDAs and we have had to spend a lot of time and testing in order to find the right choice. We expect to continue our cooperation with AlgoPlan Technologies and Honeywell in order to be able to retain the position as the leading in-night logistics provider in Scandinavia.

 Søren Gønge – CEO, DANX A/S

One of our many challenges has been to rely entirely on the PDA to provide us with everything we need; including GPS positions; as this is an integral part of the AlgoPlanner solution. The existing technology normally dictates very small intervals between the updates. There are, however, many other demands to functionality for a transport distribution company; and we found that none of the traditional suppliers of devices for this purpose had a really good off-the-shelf PDA for our purpose.

Our cooperation with Honeywell has proven to be far above expectations. To be perfectly honest our expectations prior to our engagement with a very large International corporation were certainly low-key. We have, however, been met with an unmistakable determination to assist both us and our clients in finding the best balance between all our objectives, the battery capabilities, the functionality and the ever prevailing balance between price and quality has been outstanding, and continues to be so.